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Equipment and Accessories

Floor Preparation- Hexpin© Plates, Superclutch™, Hexpin™ Attachments - Carbine Pins, Buffer, Floor Grinder
Dust Containment - Vacu-Guard™, Saw Vac™, Quikattach™, Buf-Vac™, Waterkit
Power Tool Accessories - Blade Rollers™, Saw Handle™
Utility Kits
Professional Saws -
Tile Saws, Rail Saw, Brick/Masonry Saw

Core Bits

Professional Granite Wet, Standard Stone Dry, Premium Concrete Wet, Premium Concrete Dry

Segmented Blades

Laser Weld Blades, AB Series, Masonry Blade, Hard Material Blades, Tuck Point Blades, Pro-V™

Turbo Rim Blades

EC Series, SC Series, BL Series, Prov-V™


Fiber Discs, Fil-Free Disks, Cloth Belts, Shop Rolls, Sandpapers


Depressed Center Wheels, Cup Stones, Flexible Wheels, Maxidiscs™ Flap Discs, Wire Brushes, Bench Wheels


What you need, when you need it, at a fair price, every time.

Specialty Blades

SH Series, SHD Series, Glass Blade, Profile Wheels, Vacuum-Brazed Tech Contourcut™, Cotourcut™, Sharpening Wheel, Dressing Sticks, Crack-Chaser™, Flushcutter™, Ductile Iron Blades

Cup Wheels

SW Series, CS Series, Speedriver™ Multi-EFX™, PW Series, DC Series, PRO-V™

Specialty High Speed Turbo Blades 

RG Series, RGC Series

Surface Prep

Turbo-Cut™, Stripping Discs, Flap Wheels, Quickmount™, Non Woven Disks


Cut-Off Wheels, Thin Cut-Off Wheels

Polishing Pads

3 in. and 4 in. Premium Polishing Pads

Tile & Stone Blades

DTLHPXL Series, DTLHP Series, DTL Series, CBL Series, SMC Series, Diag Series, PRO-V™


Tile & Stone Blades

EC Series, GRT Series, Speedriver™ GRT-X™, Diam Series, PY Series

Waved-Turbo Rim Blades

Speedriver™ Carrera™, SD Gold, SD Green, Speedriver™ Mulit-EFX™, SD Bronze