Surface Prep

Turbo-Cut™, Stripping Discs, Flap Wheels, Quickmount™, Non Woven Disks


Fiber Discs, Fil-Free Disks, Cloth Belts, Shop Rolls, Sandpapers


Cut-Off Wheels, Thin Cut-Off Wheels


Depressed Center Wheels, Cup Stones, Flexible Wheels, Maxidiscs™ Flap Discs, Wire Brushes, Bench Wheels


Tile & Stone Blades

DTLHPXL Series, DTLHP Series, DTL Series, CBL Series, SMC Series, Diag Series, PRO-V™

Polishing Pads

3 in. and 4 in. Premium Polishing Pads

Cup Wheels

SW Series, CS Series, Speedriver™ Multi-EFX™, PW Series, DC Series, PRO-V™

What you need, when you need it, at a fair price, every time.

Core Bits

Professional Granite Wet, Standard Stone Dry, Premium Concrete Wet, Premium Concrete Dry


Waved-Turbo Rim Blades

Speedriver™ Carrera™, SD Gold, SD Green, Speedriver™ Mulit-EFX™, SD Bronze

Segmented Blades

Laser Weld Blades, AB Series, Masonry Blade, Hard Material Blades, Tuck Point Blades, Pro-V™

Turbo Rim Blades

EC Series, SC Series, BL Series, Prov-V™

Specialty High Speed Turbo Blades 

RG Series, RGC Series

Tile & Stone Blades

EC Series, GRT Series, Speedriver™ GRT-X™, Diam Series, PY Series

Specialty Blades

SH Series, SHD Series, Glass Blade, Profile Wheels, Vacuum-Brazed Tech Contourcut™, Cotourcut™, Sharpening Wheel, Dressing Sticks, Crack-Chaser™, Flushcutter™, Ductile Iron Blades

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Equipment and Accessories

Floor Preparation- Hexpin© Plates, Superclutch™, Hexpin™ Attachments - Carbine Pins, Buffer, Floor Grinder
Dust Containment - Vacu-Guard™, Saw Vac™, Quikattach™, Buf-Vac™, Waterkit
Power Tool Accessories - Blade Rollers™, Saw Handle™
Utility Kits
Professional Saws -
Tile Saws, Rail Saw, Brick/Masonry Saw